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Date changed

On a few occasions I have noticed that the date of an entry has been changed. For example http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/138539 which now states I observed it the day after I uploaded it - sadly my time machine is broken so that cannot be true.

I suspect it is something to do with editing and adding extra images, but I'm not sure.



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I think the default is to use

I think the default is to use the details from the first image uploaded but you can select to have it use the details from any of the uploaded images so it is possible that this might be the problem if you have accidentally selected this option.
I occasionally do something similar where i have taken pictures of an insect in its habitat then bring home for a few more close up shots before returning it and these close-ups may be on the following day. depending on which shot gets uploaded first would give different dates for observation (and gps location which is sometimes automatically added by camera).

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It is when editing

I've checked with the last one I have just done. If the entry is created with a given date and then subsequently edited the date of the first *additional* image uploaded replaces the date of the entry.

Now I know what it is that is changing the dates I can probably remember to remedy it when adding images but my view would be that it should not function that way.

David Howdon

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I tend to agree with you

I tend to agree with you here, will raise this issue.

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Still happening

This still seems to be occurring, not sure if it was ever fixed or not, but if it was the problem has recurred.

David Howdon

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This should now be fixed.

Thanks for pointing it out and please let us know if it's still problematic.

Richard G - iSpot technical team

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Changing an incorrect date

I recently added an observation of Grass-of-Parnassus. I had not looked carefully at the date which my picture had attached, and it was incorrect. After advice, I tried to change the date using 'edit'. When I clicked preview, the new date was there but 'save' did not register the ammended date. I tried 4 times and the same thing happened. Is it me ? or is the system not working as it should for editing ?