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Fruiticose lichen

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: glm3
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Fruiticose lichen

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  • Fruiticose lichen
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No fruticose species there

I can see two foliose species - the grey branched one is probably Evernia prunastri but is too out of focus for easy identification.

There is a dark brown lichen lurking in the darkness, with lobes flattened against the wood. Most likely Melanelixia subaurifera, but there are several lookalikes.

There is also a crustose species, perhaps one of the sorediate Lecanora species, but I am not going to speculate.

But I see no sign of any fruticose species (note spelling of fruticose), unless there is a Ramalina amongst the general fuzz. But I don't think so.