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Observed: 26th May 2012 By: leems333

was slightly burrowed in my leg

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Removing a tick!

I hope you were careful how you got it out of your leg! Sometimes they leave their head in and it can get infected. Do keep an eye on it. My dog had one stuck in him and we were able to look up on Google how to get it out, turn it and unscrew it do not just pull or I believe you can touch it with a lighted then blown out match and the tick releases its grip. Did you pick it up in a sheep field or moorland area?

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Diseases carried by ticks

Ticks are vectors in the spread of diseases such as Tick-borne encephalitis, Louping-ill, Boutonneuse fever, Q-fever and Lyme disease so please remove them from you skin with care and should you suffer any symptoms within a couple of weeks of being bitten then see a doctor!

Andy Keay