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Unidentified Hawker after emerging

Observed: 20th July 2007 By: KeithNKeithN’s reputation in InvertebratesKeithN’s reputation in InvertebratesKeithN’s reputation in InvertebratesKeithN’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hawker Species

Any idea what type of hawker this might be?

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have you any photos of the

have you any photos of the back of the dragonfly


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Common Darter

This is a teneral (just emerged) male Common Darter.

Teneral dragonflies are usually very difficult to identify because their colours are not how they are shown in the guides.
Hawkers, and most other British dragonflies can be ruled out because there are very few 'antenodal cross veins' (at the leading edge of the wing between the body and the slight bend halfway along). In Britain this eliminates all famlilies except Corduliidae (Emerald Dragonflies) and Libellulidae (Chasers, Darters and Skimmers). The combination of visible thorax & face pattern, lack of coloured markings on the wings, and yellow & black striped legs confirms the species.

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Fantastic detailed response.

Fantastic detailed response. many thanks.
I couldn't place this and never though of a common darter simply because of the colouring. Thanks again