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Greenfinch (with a taste for seaweed)

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: DevonianDevonian’s reputation in BirdsDevonian’s reputation in BirdsDevonian’s reputation in Birds

Greenish finch with yellow wing bars and yellow sides on its tail.
I watched for a while at a distance not knowing what this bird doing perched on this rock below the strandline. The photograph appears to have captured the creature eating the seaweed or something associated with it.
Apologies for the poor image quality

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Greenfinch diet...

Maybe it's not eating the seaweed, but small creatures it's finding amongst it.

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What's it eating?

Sorry Simon, but a greenfinch's diet consists almost entirely of seeds, wild fruits and berries.

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Not According to the BTO, John...

I quote: "...Large seeds incl. rose-hips, cereal grain, some invertebrates, esp for nestlings..."

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Many species that are pretty exclusively seed eaters at other times of the year take invertebrates during the nesting seasons, nature hasn’t quite evolved the need for proteins out of chicks.



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Water rather than protein

Seed have protein but they are too dry for the chicks. Insects contain the water the chicks need as they don't have a drinking source.

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Sorry guys

I stand corrected!