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Unknown Moth

Observed: 24th May 2012 By: Stephen PlummerStephen Plummer’s reputation in InvertebratesStephen Plummer’s reputation in Invertebrates
23-05-2012 Unknown Moth

A small micro-moth - one of only a few species in the trap this morning

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Tachystola acroxantha

Thanks for your help, Douglas - it looks good for that....if it is, there have been none noted for this area on the NBN map and it's down as provisional RDB3...which makes me glad that I bothered to take its photo! :-)

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The pRDB3 is a misnomer; it

The pRDB3 is a misnomer; it was an unofficial status given when it was first found in the UK.

It's now formally be given a status; 'local'.

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I've just looked it up in my 'Moths of Hampshire & the IOW' to find that it was first recorded here in the mid-90s! I'm surprised that the NBN atlas hasn't caught up yet, though! :-)
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