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Strange beetle in Kent

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: Aichar
Photo 23-05-2012 22 36 00
Photo 23-05-2012 22 37 02
Photo 23-05-2012 22 37 15
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A largish beetle, pale brown, with reddish brown fronded feelers, and distinctive pale chevron markings along the length of the division between the wingcase and the underside. Total length approx 40mm.
Can anyone give an ID for this insect?

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Strange beetle in Kent

The photos I uploaded, from my iPad, are upside down, please invert them when viewing.

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ID Comment

Also known as the May Bug. Can you please edit your entry and move it to the invertebrates section, thanks.

Here's a useful link that will tell you all about them.