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A Boring Beetle?

Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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A Boring Beetle?

Long and slim, about 25mm from front of head, excluding antennae, to base of abdomen. Sitting on a rotten conifer that had lots of different sized holes in it.

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This is R. bifasciatum. We

This is R. bifasciatum. We have another two rather scarcer species here with differnt patterns. Just the time of year to find them - I saw half a dozen near Aviemore yesterday.



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Thanks for the ID.

Thanks for the ID.

The very next day, whilst walking on the beach at Cullen, I came across another identical beetle struggling on its back on the sand. Amazing since I'd never seen one before and not at all where I expected one to be! I moved it away from the incoming tide onto a higher and grassier slope, so it hopefully has survived.