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Male Ptarmigan

Observed: 2nd May 2012 By: beachcombercoconut
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Grey and white salt and pepper markings, very well camouflaged against rock. Red marking above the eye. Spotted together with a female who had brown colouration.

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A great place to see Ptarmigan...I have seen them up there several times. Anything else up there, like Ring Ouzel or Snow Bunting?

One of my very favourite places!

iSpot, incidentally, goes for Lagopus muta as the scientific name; there may be more pics of Ptarmigan under that name.


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Hi Ophrys Yes a very

Hi Ophrys
Yes a very beautiful place, that hopefully will remain rugged and unspoilt. Unfortunately I didn't see a Ring Ouzel or Snow Bunting.

However I was very privileged to see a Ring Ouzel last week back at home in Cumbria, a rare treat!

Thanks for the info on the scientific name, I'll have a look.