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Hedgehogs featured on Saving Species

One of the stories in this week's Saving Species (Tuesday 13/Thursday 15 April) focuses on the Hedgehog - a much-loved but possibly declining mammal in the UK. Some fear that the hedgehog has declined greatly, and in Saving Species we'll hear from people who remember seeing Hedgehogs in previous decades - were there really more of them around then?

Unfortunately there is relatively little population data available for the Hedgehog. The latest review from the Tracking Mammals Partnership concluded in 2007 that there has been:

  • A long-term decrease over last 25 years, but with no statistically significant change over the last 10 years. There is a significant decline (-51%) in Wales over 1997-2007.

What do you think? Do you remember seeing more Hedgehogs in the past, and were they alive or squashed on the road?



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Squashed Hedgehog

This morning I ran past a squashed hedgehog on the road. I didn't have my camera with me but I also wasn't sure whether it would be 'nice' to put road kill on iSpot. If I don't have a photograph can I still make an observation?


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Hedgehogs featured on Saving sSpecies

I live close to edge of a large town in Berkshire and I'm fortunate to have the Chilterns close by, beech woodlands, the chalk downs and also not so good, intensive farming and a proliferation of golf courses. We moved here in 1983, and for many years we had nocturnal visitors, hedgehogs, feeding in the garden and we heard the huffing and puffing of the animals, which seemed very loud in the stillness of the night. Regrettably we also used to see hedgehogs squashed in the road. I'm not sure quite when we stopped seeing the hedgehogs, live or squashed – but suddenly they were just not there any more.
This Spring, again we have a visiting hedgehog. I first noticed the typical droppings on the lawn. Then I started to see the hedgehog when in the garden at night, emptying compost bin into compost heap, and doing tasks in the greenhouse. I also noticed as have many slugs and snails coming out at night, which must be attractive to hedgehogs. Some of the slugs are huge so perhaps not attractive to a small hedgehog. This hedgehog also finishes off the cat's food, if she leaves any. There could be more than one hedgehog but I only see one at a time.
I hope this continues but now we also have a visiting badger and I read that these animals can eat hedgehogs.
So I have the impression there has been a considerable decline in hedgehogs which is very sad as they were so abundant here in the 1980s and 90s.