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Welcome to the Saving Species discussion forum

As announced here, Saving Species is a new series on BBC Radio 4, highlighting the challenges, successes and failures of conservation around the world. It is a collaboration between The Open University, BBC Radio 4 and the BBC Natural History Unit, and iSpot is being featured in some of the programmes.

We've set up this forum to highlight some of the stories that will be coming up on Saving Species each week, and to encourage discussion of the various items featured in the programmes.

Click here for more information about Saving Species. The programmes are broadcast at 11am on Tuesday mornings, and repeated at 9pm on Thursdays; they're also available via the BBC's iPlayer.



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I personally remember seeing them more when I was a child, but I think that would be because I lived in the countryside and they came into the garden from the surrounding countryside.
I have sadly seen two squashed hedgehogs on the roads this week, I guess they are on the move after the cold winter.
Hogwatch – British hedgehog Preservation Society and peoples trust for endangered species are asking for you to submit sightings of hedgehogs but they also would like to know if you used to have hedgehogs but no longer have them visiting.
or email