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Chilterns wildflower

Observed: 22nd August 2009 By: i-Spotter
2009 08 22 2

4 - 6 inch tall with orange flower, growing on grazed chalky Chiltern hillside. Sorry about the rubbish photo!

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Beacon View

I was walking in that area yesterday, good to know someone else looks out for wildlife there as well!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Scarlet Pimpernel

Hi Martin -

Thanks for resolving that one. I live locally and have been walking in the area for 20+ years but haven't noticed Scarlet Pimpernel there before.

This site is an excellent resource. With experts on hand to answer queries I will be paying more attention when I'm out and about.



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Scarlet Pimpernel

Another Scarlet Pimpernel Spot!


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Scarlet Pimpernel

Thanks for your prompt and helpful responses. What an excellent website - I'm sure I'll be back with more queries.