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Egg I.D?

Observed: 19th May 2012 By: JamesCommonJamesCommon’s reputation in BirdsJamesCommon’s reputation in BirdsJamesCommon’s reputation in Birds

Found in open feild.

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This is a common colour

pattern for quite a few species, I think.
My guess would be a greenfinch, because of the pale appearance of the spotting, but it is no more than that.
Some books give average measurements, but again there is a lot of overlap between species. Did you measure this?

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Sorry about the scale, it was

Sorry about the scale, it was about the size of a Woodpigeon egg! Couldn't have been from a small bird like that. Their were Lapwing in the field but it doesen't look like one of theirs..

James Common
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Clearly not greenfinch then!

I misunderstood the size.

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Who's egg?

Hi Jamesy, I came across this when I looked at my 'Unread'. I should say, first of all, that your description of where found is a little confusing. I had a look and the location is marked as being in the middle of what looks like mature, dense woodland. Could you re-check that? Having said that, The only egg I know of that remotely resembles this in both size and colouring/marking is that of a Jay i.e. lightly spotted all over and measuring around 31-32mm x 23mm (A pigeon egg is approx 44mm x 30mm). Do you think it could be this? Are there Jays in that location?