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Unknown snail

Observed: 4th May 2012 By: squirrelsquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebratessquirrel’s reputation in Invertebrates

about 10mms

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more thoughts?

Martin. Can we tell anything from distribution, habitat and numbers present?
I have found a huge swathe of these but would prefer not to dissect, of course.
Any more thoughts about separation please?

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Distinction guides

1) S.putris animal pale (sometimes dark); last whorl broadly rounded
2) O. pfeifferi animal dark (sometimes pale); last whorl more elongated
3) O. sarsi larger and narrower shell than O. pfeifferi [rare but possibly under recorded; dissection needed]

Dissection easily distinguishes Succinea with epiphallus outside penis sheath
from Oxyloma with epiphallus inside penis sheath.
Maybe worth checking a few to confirm shell shape id is correct.

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Martin - very useful. Pretty certain I have elegans (other sightings and in range). Post will come in the next few days. Link will be here.

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Taxon name

In the above for O. pfeifferi read O. elegans [the accepted name changed awhile ago].