iSpot's new look goes live on Monday 19 April

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As previously announced, we have been working on a new look for iSpot, with some new features. We will be changing to the new version next Monday 19 April, and in order to make the change iSpot will be unavailable for part of the Monday morning, going back online as soon as possible later that day.

Many thanks to all who have provided feedback and comments on the new design, we're doing our best to incorporate as much of this as we can.

Don't forget to check your unlinked images by the end of this week, as described here.


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"The New Look"

Congratulations. The new system has a more modern look and feel, with the thumbnail pics and the drop-down menu selections, but it's still as easy to navigate and use as before. I like it!


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Glad you like it. Thanks!

Glad you like it. Thanks!

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