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Unknown moth

Observed: 19th May 2012 By: Bufo bufoBufo bufo’s reputation in InvertebratesBufo bufo’s reputation in InvertebratesBufo bufo’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unknown moth
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This looks like a Lunar Thorn

This looks like a Lunar Thorn to me. It's not a common moth, so you should let your county moth recorder know that you have seen one.

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It is indeed Lunar

It is indeed Lunar Thorn.

It's not really rare though, not in most places anyway, less common than some of it's closest relations though.

May be worth notifying your county recorder though, it may be more uncommon down there.

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I would suggest that the

I would suggest that the County Recorder would be keen to receive details of all reliably identified moths including the common ones. That way we have a database capable of showing the changes in distribution patterns that occur from year to year and decade to decade. (The same of course applies to other taxonomic groups).

Jonathan Wallace

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Of course, the county

Of course, the county recorder would love to get all records. I usually send of around 20,000 records each year of everything I catch.

I meant about contacting him directly specifically about this moth. Some CRs like to have a picture of the more uncommon species; whether this falls into this category I don't know.

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