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Strange creatures

Observed: 1st May 2012 By: taniyak
Strange beast
Strange Spider

These 3 creatures were photographed by my daughter in Mozambique. Can anyone identify any of them please as we cannot find them in any books.
Thank you

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This is an amazing scarab-type larvae. Will try and get a better ID when iSpot ZA joins up and this falls into our region

Meantime we cannot properly select (no filters on our site yet), but we do have a tag for larvae so a tag+taxonomy filter will allow for an easy search of other scarab larvae for comparison. But I have never seen one with such developed legs before and as for those jaws ...

on the ZA site the other two pictures would have been curated out.

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Please add tag: Juveniles &

Please add tag: Juveniles & Larvae

Please add the other two separately