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Ophrys scolopax heldreichii - Woodcock Orchid

Observed: 16th May 2012 By: Rags

Small orchid growing in a loose clump of approx 12 plants, the tallest of which was approx a foot tall. Flowers small. Seen in N.W. Corfu.

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Ophrys heldreichii Schltr.,

Ophrys heldreichii Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 19: 46 (1923).
This name is a synonym.
Accepted Name: Ophrys scolopax subsp. heldreichii (Schltr.) E.Nelson, Gestaltw. Artb. Orchid. Eur. Mittelmeerl.: 160 (1962).

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I believe both names are acceptable though.

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If you believe it is a

If you believe it is a distinct species, then yes.
Flora Europaea (as well as Kew) lists it as a subspecies, Vol. 5, p. 348
1 Labellum 13-15 mm .... subsp. heldreichii
1 Labellum 8-12 mm .... subspp. oestrifera, scolopax, cornuta

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Ophrys scolopax heldreichii

Thank you all for the help with ID.