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Has there been a recent influx of swifts? I have just seen lots of them on my way home. I haven't seen that many of them up until now but I know that they can spend a lot of time flying high up so we don't always see them.

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Where I am, the first Swifts appear locally in the first week of May, but then move on. The 7th May is usually the day when the local birds appear and start screaming low over the rooftops. That is the same year after year...almost to the day, every year. This year, however, the poor weather meant that they arrived about a week later than usual. I think they came into the country at the usual time, but then stayed feeding over reservoirs/lakes for longer than usual, before returning to their breeding areas.

So, yes, I think there has been a recent influx...as they have left their feeding areas and headed for their nest sites. Certainly true here in the East Riding of Yorkshire.


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similiarly here the swifts were late to arrive but there are definitely more than usual (or i have been more observant than usual!) and they have stayed for longer.

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Saw my first in Rochdale this

Saw my first in Rochdale this morning seem late but pleanty of them.


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Just seen HUNDREDS over a large local lake.
The miserable weather forces them down to feed at lower levels but they are nowhere to be seen over their traditional nest sites so they are probably gathering from miles around givivg the impression of larger numbers

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Living about 9 miles in off the East Coast of Ireland. I love the sound of the Swift. Last year and the year before I hadnt noticed any, I live near open countryside. When I lived in the town there always appeared to be more although numbers seemed to have dwindled.

I was out for a drive Last Wednesday and near the river I counted up to 15. It was a very pleasant sight indeed.

Has there been reports of increasing numbers this year. Also has numbers declined in previous years?