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Frog or Toad?

Observed: 11th April 2010 By: Jakki Nigel Lou...
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Small brown and orange frog or toad, spotted under a log amongst leaf litter in an open wood in Sussex

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Toads are warty Frogs are not

small size? could be Toad

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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In parts of Norfolk, this

In parts of Norfolk, this would be a crawlin' toad (common toad) rather then being a Hoppin' toad (common frog) or a runnin' toad (natterjack). I don't suppose these terms are heard too much nowadays.

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I am pretty sure that this is a toad, judging from the warty skin and shorter legs.

It probably a common toad, I don't think it's a Natterjack toad. Did you find it under a log? If so it could be a late rising toad. Nice photo!

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Common toad

This is a young common toad. This reddish colour is common up here. You can see the warty skin; also the flat shape to the body, toads tend to look as though someone stood on them. The large, broad head is another indicator.

I've not heard those terms Tootsietim, very descriptive though.

Graham Banwell

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