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Observed: 16th May 2012 By: janewhild
Unfamiliar plant in my garden
Closer view

This plan has sprung up next to a privet hedge on the High Street. Suspect it is a weed; but it looks quite beautiful

Species interactions

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Species with which Purple Toadflax (Linaria purpurea) interacts


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Your plant photo!

As I am very new to all of this, I am only having a guess here but when I saw your photo I though 'euphorbia'! Just maybe somrthing for you to begin your identification with, maybe others will have abetter idea!
Oh, while I was dithering,' Purple toadflax' came up with the answer but at least I was on the right lines!!!

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I'm no expert, either but...

This does not look like purple toadfax - but does look like a Euphorbia