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Green-veined White

Observed: 16th May 2012 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in InvertebratesKelsaeJohn’s reputation in InvertebratesKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Invertebrates
Green-veined White
16-5-2012 Sprouston & Mayfield 16-05-2012 09-41-25 3072x2304
16-5-2012 Sprouston & Mayfield 16-05-2012 09-43-27 3072x2304
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You appear to have 2 butterflies here John, image 1 looks like a female Orange Tip to me. Chris.

Image 1 now deleted in case anyone thinks I'm mad.

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2 different?

Oh Gosh! have I really? I took several photo's in the same small area. Maybe I've put up the wrong one. I'd better look again.
Thanks Chris