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Common Lizard

Observed: 16th May 2012 By: Sam Griffin
Cumberland Bat GroupCumbria Amphibian and Reptile GroupThe British Herpetological Society
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Nice one

Looking at satellite view, this seems to be a very small pocket of suitable habitat. Amazing that lizards have survived there.

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Is this the site for the new Workington Fire Station? (I just read an online 'News & Star' article about it and it looks to be the same area.) Are you moving the lizards?

.... ok, I just read a further article (from Jan 2012) and see that you are involved in a relocation.

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Hi Glen. It is the site of

Hi Glen. It is the site of the new fire station. It is an old BMX track which we are clearing of lizards to make way for the development. The area of habitat is small and reasonably isolated from other good quality habitat, but lizards are occasionally found in the nearby Moorclose housing estate and do occur in large numbers on the coast. In-fact you can find common lizards on any piece of suitable habitat in Workington.

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In good hands

It is sad that they have to be moved but at least they were discovered in time and their relocation is in good hands. Also good to hear that they seem to be thriving, where they can, in Workington.

I must do something about my confusing username - my firstname is not actually 'Glen'. The username derives from where I was brought up (Glenone area).

Good luck with the translocation.