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Observed: 15th May 2012 By: gramandy
Kent Wildlife TrustThanet Coast ProjectWildwood Trust
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Red seaweed on rock amongst Fucus serratus in shallow subtidal.

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Anxiety- and post-celebration-duplication sorry!

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Long wait

Graham, we few are being very bad at visiting, commenting and agreeing with Seaweed posts. To sit for well over two years without interaction is very disheartening.
I am going to remind the Precious Few that we NEED to add comment or agreement to ALL seaweed posts - consider this your gentle and respectful reminder!
I think you are right with this (now see Brad's post -
There is rarely enough information in the single photo for me to agree (implying my certainty) But I have!
One reason why this posts goes unnoticed, is that it is tagged as Coastal not Marine.
Loosen your pride for 2016 and place these in a Marine Habitat (if they are Marine Organisms) and tag them Coastal- please?