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Unhelpful Hover-fly

Observed: 13th May 2012 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebratesjccurd’s reputation in Invertebrates

One of those naughty, smaller Hover-flies that conceals its abdomen pattern under its wings at rest. You can just see some markings showing through the wings, though I suspect not enough to get too close an id.

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This is not X. segnis - the

This is not X. segnis - the wings obscure the markings somewhat so I won't put a certain mane to it but it looks to be a Platycheirus - it has a black scutellum, which suggests Bacchini rather than Syrphini.

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Thanks Roger

... and a welcome comment from a very welcome bona fide expert.

I've had a suspected member of the Bacchini tribe (if that's the correct term) in my garden recently so that fits.


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A Plethora of Platycheiri

I don't know whether Platycheirus would be 2nd declension masculine (goes like Dominus) but heavens, what a lot of species there are.

Thanks ophrys.

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2nd declension

Come on...get it right!

It's Greek derived, of course, and means 'wide-foot'. Yes, there are a lot, and they are very hard from a photo.

Edit: Did I read it wrong, or did you correct the declension!!


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Well spotted, I corrected the declension. No flies on you, hover or otherwise! :D Having given up (pluperfect) Latin 43 years ago, I thought I'd better refresh my memory. Good decision.

I didn't ever do Greek so less of the "of course". ;-)