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Cetti's warbler

Observed: 24th April 2012 By: RPWinstonRPWinston’s reputation in BirdsRPWinston’s reputation in Birds
Cetti's warbler 4
Cetti's warbler 5

Photographed at Minsmere RSPB Reserve in Suffolk. Quite showy for several minutes.

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Cetti's Warbler

Pardon my ignorance but, how would I know the difference between Cetti's Warbler and The Nightingale? They look so similar to me.


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Cetti's warbler

Sorry for the long delay in replying, but easiest method for separating Cetti's Warbler from Nightingale is by song. The Cetti's is incredibly loud and very distinctive. Nightingale is more melodious and softer, although very audible. I hope this helps if no-one else has answered your question in the meantime.