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Burnet moth

Observed: 24th June 2011 By: gardenersassistantgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Whoops, non-conversational

Whoops, non-conversational time clash again. :)

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Double ouch!

Second time in two days I've got the butterfly/moth thing wrong, this time the other way round. I'd even looked it up and read about it with this one!

Thanks so much for your (and everyone else's) help here.


Images from Gordano Valley Avon Wildlife Trust sites

Images mainly from our garden

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No Corporal Punishment

Certainly not self-inflicted so no need for an "ouch". Everyone gotta start somewhere. ;-)


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Odd that no other pics of the same have come up, as I am sure that that ID has been used before. Is it the spaces either side of the slash which are confusing things, I wonder?


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