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Damselfly at Clapton Moor

Observed: 30th June 2011 By: gardenersassistantgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebrates
Taken at the same time - possibly the same species
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Do you have another image you can upload that shows a bit more of the top of the damselfly. I'm pretty sure it's an Azure but just to make sure.

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Additional images

Thanks Chris.

I have added another image, probably not of the same individual, but it was taken about 15 minutes after the posted image and to my (as you know!) VERY untutored and rather unreliable eye, it looks rather similar. It would have been very close to the posted one as I move at a fairly glacial pace during photo sessions.

Don't know if this helps or not.

(I see I have another rather similar-looking individual captured 10 minutes after the second one here, which I will add as a third image. Don't know if it will add anything useful.)


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ID comment on additional image 2

Image 2 is confirmed as an Azure Damselfly. In image 2 you can just see the antehumeral stripe on top of the thorax, this is unbroken. The other candidate would have been the Variable Damselfly but this stripe is dissected by a black line making the shape of an exclamation mark.