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Glossy Ibis and one Little Egret

Observed: 22nd April 2012 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in BirdsPetej’s reputation in Birds
Glossy Ibis and one Little Egret

The photo was taken from some distance as this flock was clearly quite wary and had already moved position once in response to a couple of dogs getting to close.

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Is it an optical illusion, or does the egret have a down-turned beak? Did you notice anything at the time?


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Down-turned beak

Hi ophrys

I does appear to have a down turned beak which I must admit I had not noticed. As I took this photo my friends and I had a sudden flurry of sightings - three Woodchat Shrikes, a Great Reed Warbler and a couple of Pied type flycatches which we kept getting fleeting glimpses of but were not able to identify so my attention was drawn away from the Ibises and we moved away from them to see if we could catch up with the flycatchers. We also had a Spur-winged Lapwing in this area which is the first time I've seen one in Turkey.