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Observed: 23rd May 2012 By: Mothman60

My Colins Field Guide appears to suggest an Ichneumon because of the Stigma (Dark patch on leading edge of forewing) plus the veining.
But this is all a bit of guess work .
I can never follow the identification keys I always get lost.
Hope you can all help.
******** 23-05-2012
Thanks for your suggestion of Braconidae , I have never heard of it before.
But when I check Wilkipedia gives the wing veining which is mostly open veins and not closed like my suspect.
Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

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Braconidae wing venation

Hi Mothman, Braconidae is a very large group and has quite a variation in wing venation, see for example the following link. Your specimen is definitely a braconid and has wing venation similar to subfamily Rogadinae for example. Best, David