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Is this a tick?

Observed: 14th May 2012 By: jlh524
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It is a tick fully feed,I hope you got rid of it I know people will say I should not but I squash them dead because if you throw it outside it will just attach itself back on the cat when needing to feed again.I would check your cat's they normally attach to the base of ears under armpits (I don't know the right word for it on cats) and in between toes in toe pad.I would brush the cats with a fine comb,you can get stuff from the vets which you put on the cats skin which stops them but I just check every few days to make sure also tick remover's can be bought at pet shops with a gel you put on the tick first and it makes it easy to remove.

I hope this help's


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Thanks for confirming, I

Thanks for confirming, I thought so. Yep I normally regularly de-tick the cats but I had never seen one just loose!