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Unknown fly sp.

Observed: 14th May 2012 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in InvertebratesJoe30’s reputation in Invertebrates

Looked like a Bee but Im pretty sure it's some kind of mimic fly but no idea what species. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Criorhina floccosa

Ophrys, I saw one of these the other day, are they rare as there doesn't seem to be many entries on iSpot. A very striking species.

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Criorhina species are probably quite widespread, at least down where you are, but never found in anything like the numbers of other see one a fortnight would be good going, I imagine!

I see ranunculi regularly in Spring, and then berberina more than floccosa, but both of those are very uncommon indeed, here. But then, I live in an area where trees are rare and woods virtually unheard of! C. asilica is my favourite, but that is even harder to find. You need a good view to tell floccosa from some berberina, and a specimen is even better.

It would be interesting to hear what Roger Morris has to say about the abundance of these, if he happens upon this.


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