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Seaweed on upper shore

Observed: 26th March 2010 By: am9634
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Seaweed on upper shore . Very abundant.At very top of shore black and dried out .

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Sea weed

I have just been down in Devon, on a sea weed project, i am by no means an expert but Pelvetia canaliculata dose not have a mid rib which can be seen in you photo, the slightly twisted form makes me think that it is fucus spirais, a test would be to pick up a piece and see if it twists, if so it should be spirais

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I realise that this post was

I realise that this post was a while ago, but have just looked at another seaweed post and saw this one. You're right, Channelled Wrack does not have a midrib. This is definitely a Fucus sp. and I'm pretty certain that it is F. spiralis.

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Oh for a bladder or two!

These elongated, paired, sometimes bifurcated, Receptacles are more usually associated with Bladder Wrack (though not always).
I do not think the twisting (Nature Girl) is significant enough here and is sometimes caused by drying contortions or retreating wave action.
I can be certain that it is NOT Channelled Wrack.
I cannot be certain that it is Bladder Wrack, so placing an alternative ID is rather pointless.