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Goneplax rhomboides

Observed: 13th April 2012 By: RobMasefieldRobMasefield’s reputation in InvertebratesRobMasefield’s reputation in Invertebrates
Goneplax rhomboides
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Goneplax rhomboides

Hayward & Ryland 2003, says "The chelipeds of males are about 100mm, 4-5 times the length of the carapace; shorter". These seem long enough to make it a male.
Handbook of the marine flora of North West Europe. page 459


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Offshore crab

Rob, if you do ever come back, can you say how you came by this please? Sampling/fishing/research?
It would be nice to see this in the >>MARINES PROJECT<< as a proper Offshore post. Can you tag it ProjectM1 please?