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Common newt

Observed: 12th May 2012 By: Gill Sinclair
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Found under a wheelie bin in my front garden. See also video at I originally thought it was dead as it was completely still and looked rather dry, but it moved when placed on my hand so I transferred it to some damp vegetation in the back garden. I can't see any gardens in my street that have a pond, so if it is a newt how did it get there and does it stand any chance of survival?

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It does look most like a

It does look most like a smooth (common) newt female and palmate newts are pretty scarce in this area.

Newt are generally only in ponds during the breeding season. The rest of the year they are terrestrial and can range quite a long way from their breeding ponds. This newt is in its terrestrial phase as you can see from the grainy skin and round tail; in the breeding season when they are in the ponds the skin will be smooth and the tail broader and more paddle-shaped. It was probably foraging for invertebrates at night and found its way under the wheelie bin. It looks perfectly healthy and I'm sure it will be fine.

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Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully she'll find lots to eat in my garden until she needs to move on.

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