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Green Bottle. Border. 2012_05_11_0045.

Observed: 11th May 2012 By: dannydavies81
Green Bottle. Border. 2012_05_11_0045.
No 1. Small fly. Border. 2012_05_11_0038.
No 2. Small fly. Border. 2012_05_11_0036.
No 1. Spider unknown. Border. 2012_05_11_0031.
No 2. Spider unknown. Border. 2012_05_11_0030.
No 3. Spider unknown. Border. 2012_05_11_0029.
No 4. Spider unknown. Border., 2012_05_11_0028.
No 5. Spider unknown. Border. 2012_05_11_0051.
Unidentified  Small fly. Border. 2012_05_11_0049.

is it a Green Bottle or the Blue Bottle.
No 1_2 Spider. same.
No 3_5 Spider. same.

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You would be better posting

You would be better posting these as separate observations. Otherwise the ID system will get very complex.

In the meantime, there is no greenbottle here. I think you have one blowfly, two dungflies, another fly and the rest are spiders.



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