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Adela reaumurella

Observed: 12th May 2012 By: The Reremouse
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Adela reaumurella
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Thanks Chris, is their fuzziness quite variable then? I have been looking through photos and all the A. reaumurella photos i can see look like they have a very fuzzy, black body... This one isn't fuzzy at all.

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Male / female

I'm no expert on these moths (or any moths for that matter) so I'm open to correction here. The ones with the long antennae (males I believe) have a black fuzzy body (I'm not sure this is the correct word but It'll do), the females with shorter antennae seem to have a gold body. Looking through the images in the carousel, there does seem to be this difference.

I'm sure Douglas will tell us correctly.

Regards Chris

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All of what Chris says is of

All of what Chris says is of course pretty much correct, this is certainly a female Adela reaumurella anyway.

Nice find! :-)

By the way, Chris I'm no real expert either - certainly not the world authority on moths!

Best wishes,

Twitter: @diarsia

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You know a lot more than me anyway, thanks Chris

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Thanks, its a first for the site anyway - thanks! I am blogging my finds from my bluebell walk this morning, this was found on someone's boot!

Morgan :-)