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Snail behaviour

Observed: 11th May 2012 By: Rags

I think this is a Roman Snail. It was one of many that had climbed trees to a height of six feet in a copse of trees. No more than one or two on each tree. Can anyone explain the behaviour please. The ground under the trees was well drained and dry. What makes them all climb at this time of year??

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does look rather like a roman

does look rather like a roman snail, are they known from your area as they are quite uncommon except in some limestone areas in the south

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Yes, we had a Roman

Yes, we had a Roman settlement very close by, and now we have their snails.

Any idea why they are all heading up the trees?

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don't know why they climb, in

don't know why they climb, in hotter areas they might climb to avoid getting baked on the ground but don't know why they climb here, I have seen it too both with roman and other types of snails such as cepaea.