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Lizard in Essex?

Observed: 7th May 2012 By: waynebulleid

Hello - we were gardening at the weekend and to our surprise unearthed the creature in question. We are the first to acknowledge we know little about nature, however, our children are keen to know what it is. My initial thoughts "it's a Newt", however I cannot see any webbing in the feet (we have a neighbour with a large pond). Could it be a lizard (do we get them in Essex?). The size of him/her was approx 12cm (5" in old money) and was very much alive.

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That was a very quick

That was a very quick response. Excellent! Many thanks!

The children will be pleased and my wife can go to bed safe in the knowledge that we don't have Godzilla in the back garden :-)

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Lovely find!

Bet the children loved seeing it! More info here http://www.arc-trust.org/animals/common_lizard.php

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber