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Pond skater.

Observed: 9th May 2012 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebrates
9 May 12 back of dam sheugh (2)
9 May 12 back of dam sheugh (5)
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Meant to write....

..the view is not ideal..

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Thanks for all this

Thanks for all this Limnoporus,

There were just too many possibilities in the little book I am using for me to hazard a guess at the species.

I wonder, can you tell me how many species of gerris are actually recorded in Ireland/ N. Ireland?

My book also depicts several microvelia on the same page as the gerris species, it states that immature gerris can be mistaken for microvelia, which it seems I have done but I really thought the tiny insect on the leg of my much larger gerris looked so much like the illustrations of the microvelia, that it probably was one.

I have never actually recorded any microvelia, just the larger velia, plenty of those.

Thanks for all the feedback once again, I will try to get more pics of these species throughout the year.


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Once seen the Microvelia are distintive. Young gerrids have long middle legs like the adults whereas Microvelia have legs all the same length. Microvelia species also are smaller than gerrids (1-2mm). Upper surface have patches of pale hairs. Look for them in the sedge beds at edge of lakes.
Species of Irish gerridae
Gerris argentatus, lacustris, odontogaster (black-backed species)
lateralis, costae, thoracicus (brown-backed species)
Aquarius najas
Limnoporus rufoscutellatus

Disn maps and records are visible on NBDC site

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Thanks for this clear

Thanks for this clear breakdown of the species I might encounter. This info will undoubtedly help me get familiar with them.

Much appreciated.


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Ive added another pond skater

Ive added another pond skater photographed the same day in the exact same spot, a drain on the moor at Dungonnell reservoir. It is possibly a less mature gerris costae?

The quailty of these pics is a bit disappointing. I'll have to get better ones.