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Coal Tit

Observed: 27th June 2011 By: sm33684
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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I'd expect to see the white patch on the back of the neck, but maybe it's a little to far round, by a whisker (or a feather). I know it's not the way to identify birds, but I can't think what else it can be but a Coal Tit. The wing bars rule out Marsh or Willow Tits.
I think Chris is right, painful that it is to admit it! ;-D

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White patch

Hi Simon, it think the angle of the head is concealing the white patch on the back of the head, the double wing bars are clear though.

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I Agree...

Hi Chris,

That's the only conclusion I could come too as well. I'm not sure that there isn't a tiniest hint of white just visible, or it might be part of the background, or my imagination.

But it's a Coal Tit.