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Observed: 9th May 2012 By: Sam Griffin
Cumberland Bat GroupCumbria Amphibian and Reptile GroupThe British Herpetological Society
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How many stamens?

It is hard to tell from the picture as the female flower is just opening.

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Some flowers

can be seen to have two stigmas, confirming C. nigra.

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I can see some with three. I

I can see some with three.
I am not convinced that there are only two.
Need to bend the bend flower or remove some for photography e.g.

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Not my interpretation

I cannot see any clear 3s. There are pairs that are close together, and on examination at highest resolution on a big (26 inch) monitor 3s look more like 4s.

In any case, this seems to me to be absolutely typical C. nigra on general appearance - inasmuch as "typical" means anything in the C. nigra group.


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Fair enough; just checking.

Fair enough; just checking. Martin