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Observed: 8th May 2012 By: pb5462
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Its a real long shot this one I'm aware the photos aren't very detailed! I'm hoping there might be something distinctive about its silhouette...
Spotted at 15.30 on a bright sunny day circling a large ornamental pond, occasionally skimming the water. It seemed to keep returning to a nearby Chestnut tree and eventually disappeared into it. There are large old buildings reasonably nearby as well as a large expanse of woodland.

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Do you have any indication of

Do you have any indication of size, preferably by direct comparison in the field with a bird or some other standard? I am wondering about Noctule.



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Thanks for replyingI would

Thanks for replying

I would say the bat was smaller than a thrush/starling but larger than a sparrow/robin etc. It was a decent size for a bat (in my very uninformed opinion!), larger than most I've seen on bat walks.

The pictures don't really show it with all that cloud but the sun was actually pretty bright at the time

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the size you describe plus skimming the water strongly point to Daubenton's, you've noticed it's a step bigger than the flittery pipistrelles you see lots of on batwalks. Noctules stay high up and have long thin wings, if it were that size then Serotine would be a good fit with broad wings, or Leisler's

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rule out Serotine based on

rule out Serotine based on location!