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Observed: 2nd May 2012 By: pb5462
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Kestrel (1)
Kestrel (3)

Spotted in a former quarry perched among the rocks. The bird is a regular visitor to this spot. Apologies for the photo quality but it was a long way away!

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Hi Wise Old Owl

If you are adding comments to back up an ID, rather than change it, it is best to use the comments box.

PS: Where is your Kestrel nest page?


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Re ophrys on the Kestrel nest page....

Thank you for your comment. I shall bear that it's best to use the comments box in future.

My Kestrel nest page is on iSpot too. It hasn't got a picture (sorry!) but will upload one soon. You should find it if you search in the iSpot search box for 'Kestrel nest'.

Please do also look out for my other pages on iSpot, some others on birds.

Thanks again,

From the wise old owl!