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Observed: 8th May 2012 By: lesleyprickett

This very fine worm like creatures was "waving" around at the top of a small fir tree outside our window. It was very damp at the time but not raining. It is about 5 - 5 cm long, very fine indeed and it was very difficult to see if it had any features. Possibly a red tip at the "waving" end.

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Amazing -

I think that many, if not most, nematodes (and there are perhaps a million species) are barely naked-eye visible. The details at
match very well with this proposed identification.

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Weird and wonderful - and according to the link it wold have been a female egg laying as she squirms, and any unwise invert to eat the egg would soon have a new "alien" developing inside.

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.