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Bathroom creature - help with ID please

Observed: 8th May 2012 By: jmrose2009
Bathroom creature - help with ID please

Utterly immobile, has been there for about eighteen months. Curiosity has now got the better of me.


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shed skin?

Only suggestion I can make is that it is the larval skin of an insect that has emerged as an adult, leaving the dead exoskeleton behind. This would explain the immobility! Can't see enough detail to suggest exactly what it was, but given the size perhaps a mayfly? Although I've never encountered a mayfly larval skin high and dry like this one.

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RE Shed skin ?

Martin - thank you for your reply. Emboldened by your response, I conducted a scientific experiment (poked it with a pencil). Outcome : no movement, and dry and husky would be an apt description. Rather beautiful and translucent, but clearly something that has served its purpose.
So (with apologies for the quality of the photo) I thank you for solving the problem. James.