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Observed: 8th May 2012 By: Fungi festFungi fest’s reputation in InvertebratesFungi fest’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The second one I agree with. Is the first one the same fly? If not, it may be a different Scathophaga, as the antennae appear orange. That may be a trick of the light, though.


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Same ?

All I can add is that it looks like the same fly on the same leaf, perhaps the photographer can add more.

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same fly

yes it is he same fly on the same leaf taken at the same time but from different angles as I have discovered sometimes it is easier to identify the more pictures there is. A dung fly would make sense as it is on a field full of sheep. It isn't in my book tho.

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Sheep dung

They just love sheep dung, you can often see hundred's in a single field.