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Bronze Shieldbug?

Observed: 7th May 2012 By: temerestemeres’s reputation in Invertebratestemeres’s reputation in Invertebrates

I know the big green blighter is Palomena prasina, it's the little critters I'm not sure of. They seem to be a good match for Eysarcoris, but according to Chinery's Complete British Insects, their foodplant is Hedge Woundwort which does not, to my knowledge, grow in the locality.

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I agree with Chris and was just about to give the same name (fabricii is the old species name, venustissimus the new one) when his ID popped up. Once rare in the UK, now more common and spreading north. This link http://www.britishbugs.org.uk/heteroptera/Pentatomidae/eysarcoris_venust... confirms it can be found on other nettle family (labiate) plants eg White dead nettle, and I know of records on Black Horehound. Do you know what yours were on?

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The leaf looks more like

The leaf looks more like Bramble than anything else but there is definitely Black Horehound in the immediate vicinity and both Red and White Deadnettle nearby.

Thanks for the update on the name.