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Speckled Wood

Observed: 7th May 2012 By: EarthwatcherEarthwatcher’s reputation in InvertebratesEarthwatcher’s reputation in InvertebratesEarthwatcher’s reputation in Invertebrates

Brown with cream markings, unusual grey spec on abdomen. Could it be a piece of pupa casing?

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Pupa case

Possibly, the pupa case of Speckled Wood is translucent green (when it has the critter inside) so I suppose could look like this when shed. I've added a sequence of one I reared to illustrate this -

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Latin name

I think the Latin name in the database needs to be corrected,

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The name in the iSpot database is Pararge aegeria (at least that is what I get when I click Get Recommended) which is the correct name as published in the summary in Entomologists Record V123 . Not sure where the genus name Parage comes from.