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Bird song identification help please (sound only)

I have just got an audio recorder and been experimenting with taking some field recordings but alas my identification skills are not quite up to scratch. In most cases I just check with the various CDs or computer programs I have but there are three that I am not able to identify with any real certainly (well I think I might know one), they only sound vaguely like the recordings I have and I was hoping that I could trouble some members for 5 minutes of their time to have a listen and see if you could help or point me towards someone who might know.

I’ve uploaded them to the Soundcloud website so you or anyone else hopefully can easily listen to them. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. All were recorded at the Fowlmere RSPB reserve near Cambridge, first thing this morning (7th May)

The first recording is Fowlmere (07-05-12 - 0516) taken by the side of the reedbeds and the bird was definitely inside them, small but well hidden. This is the only one I think might know, well my guess is a Reed Warbler but I am not sure.

The second recording is Fowlmere (07-05-12 - 0519) taken by the a little bit away from the reedbeds in a tree. No sign of anything to help with identification. Seems to sit somewhere to my untrained ear between a Nightingale (very unlikely) and a Blackcap (more likely but less like the recordings I have)

The last one is Fowlmere (07-05-12 - 0531) taken again the a little bit away from the reedbeds in a tree. No sign of anything to help with identification.

Any thoughts or help would be most appreciated. Thanks



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You might receive a better response -

if you post these as separate observations, no images, but add the web links to the details (you might be able to upload the sound files instead of pictures, but I've never tried it).
I think a lot more people look at the Observations than at the Forum posts.

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I did try that but I could't get it to behave. I did get one reply that confined that second one is probably a nightingale and the others reed/sedge warblers so I move towards a id. cheers

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sound files

Unfortunately you can't upload sound files in place of photos, but you should be able to add an observation without a photo and put the weblinks in the descriptive text, and get help that way.

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Quite right

Quite right:
- Sedge warbler (v little repetition, with lots of white-noisy harsh notes thrown in).
- Nightingale (unmistakable, however unlikely - rich and fruity in separate phrases, much less continuous than blackcap).
- Reed warbler (lots of repeated phrases, fairly uniform tone).
Must nip down there... Where did you hear the nightingale from, exactly?

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Thanks Buckeye

Thanks Buckeye, much appreciated.

RSPB Fowlmere

In Google map terms here: http://tinyurl.com/d2x4ef6

for normal people, go to the reserve, turn left on the way to the spring hide. Walk along the walkway until you are in the mesh covered bit with the reeds on your right. just before it ends at a bench there is a little path through to the left. Straight ahead and to the lefty is woods, straight ahead and to the right is an open field. In the trees just on the edge of the path is where it was. (Alas not there first thing on sunday but there we are)

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bird sounds

I would just like to say that I agree with all of Buckeye's IDs and comments

Bob Ford